Steven and Madeleine

We’re Madeleine and Steven; tech professionals living in Brooklyn. with our cat, Major, and dog, Sgt Pepper.

Steven is currently getting his MBA at NYU. After working as a software engineer for a major financial institution, Steven realized he wanted to have a more strategic role, leading him to go into product management instead. Steven is a certified drone pilot and creates videos of any destination he and Madeleine travel together.

Madeleine has worked at a wide variety of companies, including a digital advertising agency, Vine (rest in peace), a small CMS startup, and, currently, on the Circle team at Squarespace (this website is most definitely powered by Squarespace). She enjoys working with customers, getting to know their unique needs and help them reach their goals.

Together, we are able to combine Steven’s technical understanding of how to customize websites to make anything possible and make them work optimally with Madeleine’s understanding of customer needs and design expertise. We aim to make it possible for anyone to have a home for their business online.

As a certified drone pilot, Steven also records and edits videos of properties for proud homeowners, real estate agents, builders, and business owners. Madeleine picks the music.